Commercial Solution from Premium WPMU Dev

The guys over at Premium WPMU Dev have updated their Ning to BuddyPress user importer to include an avatar scraper, a better UI, and a few other odds and ends.

You’ll need to pay at least $79 to get it, but you’ll also get access to the rest of their commercial plugins.

Check it out on the site

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  1. Thanks for the link John. The more options out there the better! Hopefully we will be seeing a mass exodus of Ning users to BP.

  2. GPL includes rights to redistribute, which WPMUDev has so kindly released their code as GPL. offers a download of that plugin for Ning users who would like to be able to migrate without having to pay for premium service. Hopefully, after you see how good the plugin is and how GREAT BP is, you will purchase a WPMUDev service account. But it can hardly be expected for you to pay for that BEFORE you even get to BuddyPress, because the WHOLE reason you are migrating is because you don’t want to have to pay for the service.


  3. We have an engine that migrates ning files to social engine… Is there anyone in this community who wants to work with this data to modify it for buddypress?

    Let me know.


  4. Vince – You’re saying you have an engine that actually gets the *content* out of Ning? I’d be very interested in seeing what it puts out.

  5. The WPMUDev plugin didn’t work unless you had WPMU installed, that is, it wouldn’t work on plain WP. I updated it and have uploaded it to my site,

  6. Can you show me example of Ning site with over 200 members that have successfully migrate from Ning to Buddypress?



  7. I’ve got a 14,000 member Ning community. After debating a migration to BuddyPress, I’m setting the expectation with my members that’s it’s just going to be a clean BuddyPress install … the migration tools just don’t feel like they’re quite ready for a community of my size.

  8. Nitrus

     /  July 21, 2010

    It’s worth pointing out that their plugins are all still GPL (as are ALL WordPress themes); consequently, it is perfectly legal and acceptable to redistribute them for free. There are places where they can be obtained, though it’s usually hard to find the current versions without paying. I’ve come across some sites that offer the plugins for a smaller sum. Google is your friend:!


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