Commercial Solution from Premium WPMU Dev

The guys over at Premium WPMU Dev have updated their Ning to BuddyPress user importer to include an avatar scraper, a better UI, and a few other odds and ends.

You’ll need to pay at least $79 to get it, but you’ll also get access to the rest of their commercial plugins.

Check it out on the site

Ning Importer Now With BuddyPress Support

Boone has delivered on his promise to update his Ning importer for WordPress, and this time around has included the option to import Ning profile fields into BuddyPress profiles.

Read more about it on Boone’s website!

Call to Ex-Ning Developers

We’d like to hear your stories, and we’d like to help you in any way we can (if you need it, of course.) :)

Drop us a comment here, or send me a PM over on if you’d like to remain anonymous. I know there’s quite a few freelance BuddyPress developers out there, and maybe we can partner you up with someone to help you get started.

First round at Ning data import to BuddyPress

Boone B. Gorges, an independent WordPress and BuddyPress guru, has just announced his first stab at a data importer to get your Ning users setup inside of WordPress.

On his blog, he says:

As of right now, it does not have any BuddyPress-specific functionality. But the data that it does import – display name, username, email address – are enough to populate at least the beginnings of a BuddyPress profile. The next thing to add is the auto-import of certain profile fields. I might try to do this tomorrow.

To stay up to date with the progress of this plugin, be sure to check back here or to his blog for more details.

Consultants available to help you transition

Aaron Brazell, author of The WordPress Bible is currently offering consulting services to help you get started with your own social network using WordPress and BuddyPress.

David Bisset from Dimension Media is also offering to help with anything that you might need regarding BuddyPress.

C. Murry Consulting is a full service technology consulting firm offering to help guide you on your path to migrating from Ning to BuddyPress.

Paul Gibbs from Bring Your Own Terms of Service is a BuddyPress Support Forum moderator and custom plugin developer, who’s available as a resource to help you out as well.

Of course there’s me, and my feelings won’t be hurt if ping one of those guys first.

Volunteers helping to code bridges

Right now Boone B. Gorges is already starting to build an importer for BuddyPress to help get your existing Ning data safely into WordPress and BuddyPress. At this point he appears to be the front runner.

Brad Williams and company from WebDevStudios are thinking of making an RSS scraper, to assemble a Ning site’s information in chunks and turn that into an importable WordPress data file.


Welcome to Ning to BuddyPress!

In light of today’s announcement on the Ning website, several volunteers have stepped up to start coding tools to help transition your existing Ning data to a BuddyPress powered WordPress installation.

I’m going to stay on top of things as they develop so there is an unofficial resource for everyone that’s looking for help transitioning.

Keep it locked!


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